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I love to rant and complain. It's like a hobby. I've been doing it on Facebook for several years. I used the name "Braying Jack Cass." That's because Facebook doesn't allow any usernames with the word "Jackass" in it. The nerve!

But then someone reported me for using a fake name, as if someone could have the actual name "Jack Cass." It's possible. Just like I'm sure there are some people named "Ben Dover" and "Mona Lott" and "Frank Furter" out there. Some parents have a sense of humor. And others are too dumb to make the connection.

Since I can't be on Facebook at work (the nerve!) here's a place I can come to rant during the day.

Monday, December 15, 2014

This, not That

I went to a non-duality meeting the other day, and instead of talking about non-duality they were talking about pro wrestling.

“Hey!” I said, “this isn’t non-duality, I came here to talk about non-duality!”

“Oh,” one of them replied, “this isn’t non-duality? You want us to talk about that?”

“Yes, not this, that! Talk about that!” I insisted.

“We didn’t realize that this wasn’t that,” another of them asserted.

“Yes, it’s not this, it’s that other thing,” I corrected them, “stop talking about this rather than that.”

But then it dawned on me, if non-duality wasn’t 'this', but was rather 'that', then it wasn’t non-duality at all, instead it was duality.

“Hmmmm,” I wondered, “is it even possible to talk about non-duality? As soon as you open your lips to talk about ‘this’ as opposed to ‘that’ you’ve created duality.”

So now I attend a different non-duality meeting each week. Last week the non-duality meeting was about knitting, this week it’s about coin collecting.

I no longer bother with those silly non-duality non-duality meetings because it’s obvious that they’re talking about ‘that’ and not ‘this!’

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