What the brayings are...

I love to rant and complain. It's like a hobby. I've been doing it on Facebook for several years. I used the name "Braying Jack Cass." That's because Facebook doesn't allow any usernames with the word "Jackass" in it. The nerve!

But then someone reported me for using a fake name, as if someone could have the actual name "Jack Cass." It's possible. Just like I'm sure there are some people named "Ben Dover" and "Mona Lott" and "Frank Furter" out there. Some parents have a sense of humor. And others are too dumb to make the connection.

Since I can't be on Facebook at work (the nerve!) here's a place I can come to rant during the day.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Facebook sucks

This is my Facebook rant.

I spend way too much time on Facebook. (Okay, that's more of a complaint against me than against Facebook.)

I have to admit, I'm addicted to the "likes" and the comments of approval from people when I post stuff and make comments. In the past you'd have to scribble a comment on a restroom wall, and then keep coming back and checking every week to see if someone commented on your graffiti. Very time consuming, and restrooms stink. Plus all those creepers who hang out in restrooms give you sidelong glances.

With Facebook it's instant gratification! Feedback without the stench of urine.

But after spending hours in a day on Facebook, I kinda felt like I'd been hanging out in a dingy bar all night with my cronies. Everyone laughing it up and joking with each other. Then at the end of the night you realize that you've spent 5 hours in a bar and could have been doing more productive things like reading, studying, cleaning, exercising...okay, honestly I'd probably be masturbating or napping but you get the drift.

Plus, I spent most of my time on Facebook involved with people interested in spirituality, specifically non-dual spirituality. I have a history and interest in this type of spirituality.

Problem is, that this type of spirituality, if not spirituality in general, tends to attract the types of people also interested in all kinds of superstitious and irrational stuff too like crystals, healing energy, chakras, conspiracy theories, anti-vaccines, etc.

So you finish joking with someone, making fun of a guru of type or spiritual practice and then they throw out something about how Obama is the anti-Christ or that you need to feng-shui you apartment or something.


So I'm taking a break.

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